The production of the Queensland Law Handbook is only possible thanks to the many hours of work and invaluable expertise donated by its many contributors.

Caxton Legal Centre acknowledges the priceless efforts of all our authors.

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  • Consumers and Contracts – Loretta Kreet & Catherine Uhr
  • Consumer Credit and Banking – Loretta Kreet & Catherine Uhr
  • Debts – Jennifer Crowther
  • Bankruptcy – Australian Financial Security Authority, Legal and Governance Division
  • Taxation – David W Marks QC
  • Insurance – Stuart Unwin
  • Social Security Payments – Steve Irvine
  • Wills and Estates – John de Groot

Image Link to Health and Wellbeing Section

  • Laws Relating to Individual Decision Making – Karen Williams
  • Medical Law – MurphySchmidt Solicitors
  • Disability and the Law – Rebecca Anderson
  • Mental Health Laws – Simon Hamlyn-Harris
  • The National Disability Insurance Scheme – Andrea de Smidt
  • Accidents and Injury – Steve Herd
  • Sport – John O’Brien

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