Last updated 31 October 2022

pdf_downloadResidential Aged Care

Our Residential Aged-Care System
The Structure of Residential Aged Care
Legal Arrangements in Aged Care
Information for Aged-Care Residents
Protection of Aged-Care Residents’ Information
Security of Tenure in Aged Care
Complaints about an Aged-Care Facility
Serious Incident Report Scheme in Aged-Care Facilities

Retirement Villages

What are Retirement Villages?
The Retirement Villages Act
Title to a Unit in a Retirement Village
Purchasing an Interest in a Retirement Village Unit
Retirement Villages General Services Charge
Disputes with the Operator of a Retirement Village
Rights to Financial Information in Retirement Villages
Leaving a Retirement Village
Resale of a Retirement Village Unit
Residents’ Participation in the Retirement Village
A Checklist for Prospective Residents of Retirement Villages

Manufactured Home Parks

What is a Manufactured Home? Applicable Legislation
Manufactured Home Parks – Agreements and Contracts
Security of Tenure in Manufactured Home Parks
Variation of Site Rent in Manufactured Home Parks
Provision of Services and Facilities in Manufactured Home Parks
Manufactured Home Park Residents’ Participation and Rules
Dispute Resolution in Manufactured Home Parks

Residential Rooming Accommodation

What is Residential Rooming Accommodation? Applicable Legislation
Rooming Accommodation – Rights and Responsibilities of Residents and Providers
Rooming Accommodation Agreement
Terminating a Rooming Accommodation Agreement
Rooming Accommodation Dispute Resolution

Granny Flats

Granny Flats and Family Accommodation Arrangements

People choose alternative living arrangements to independent residential housing for various reasons. Older people with high care needs may opt for residential aged care, while others may choose retirement villages for extra security and a relatively maintenance-free lifestyle. Moving into a granny flat or a manufactured home park offers yet another avenue to adjust to the changing needs and living expectations. All of these arrangements can be very complex and may have serious legal implications, hence it is recommended to seek expert legal and financial advice before entering into any agreements.

The services provided by ADA Australia:

  • assist people to exercise their rights including information, representation, education, advice and support
  • promote the rights of consumers and potential consumers of aged care.