Last updated 20 May 2020 

click to download a pdf of this chapterThe Need for a Visa
Visa Criteria for Temporary and Permanent Visas
Submitting a Visa Application
Visitor Visas
Temporary Visas
Permanent Visas
The Points Test Applicable to Certain Visas
Refugee and Humanitarian Visas
Visa Cancellation on Character Grounds
Removal or Deportation of Unlawful Non-citizens
Consequences of Deportation or Removal
Review of Migration Decisions
The Role of Federal Courts in Deciding Immigration Matters
Freedom of Information—Access to Documents Held by the Immigration Department
Migration Agents Registration Scheme
Australian Citizenship
Loss of Australian Citizenship

The main law governing immigration in Australia is the Migration Act 1958 (Cth) (Migration Act), the Migration Regulations 1994 (Cth) (Migration Regulations), delegated legislation and ministerial directions, and policy such as the Procedures Advice Manual 3. The Department of Home Affairs website offers a wide range of information about the migration process.

Immigration is a constantly changing area of law and the following information is only a general and simplified overview at a specified time, and it is possible it may have changed. Migration advice from a qualified professional should be obtained that is specific to an individual’s circumstances. Only registered migration agents can give immigration assistance and advice. Lawyers also have to be registered as migration agents to give immigration assistance.