Last updated 20 January 2017     This chapter is currently under review.

pdf_downloadPrison Law, Policies and Guidelines
Prisoners’ Right to Information
Going to Prison
Prisoners’ Security Classification
Prison Transfer
Prison Visitors
Prisoners – Life on the Inside
Prison Discipline and Control
Searching of Prisoners
Breaches of Prison Discipline
Prison Offences
Segregation of Prisoners and Solitary Confinement
Prisoners’ Release into the Community
Prisoners’ Grievances
External Complaints Mechanisms Available to Prisoners
Judicial Review of Corrective Services
Compensation Claims whilst in Prison
Indefinite Detention Orders
Federal Prisoners
Prisoners in Mental Health Facilities
Deaths in Custody

Prisoners in Queensland may be in the custody of either the Queensland Corrective Services (QCS), police, the courts or, if in a health institution, Queensland Health. Queensland prisons are administered by QCS, which includes the Queensland parole boards. There are two private prisons in Queensland.

Although there are no federal prisons in Australia, there are some federal laws that apply to people in Queensland prisons for Commonwealth offences (e.g. social security fraud and illegal importation of drugs).

Actions taken by persons in authority in prisons against people in prison are covered by administrative law.