Last updated 28 March 2018

pdf_downloadGeneral principles

Accidents Caused by Negligence
Duty of Care
Accidents and Injury – Negligence, Causation and Damage
Defences to a Negligence Action
Claims by Dependants of a Person Killed
Accidents and Injury – Time Limits for Bringing Actions

Motor vehicle accidents

Motor Vehicle Accidents – Legal Obligations
Motor Vehicle Insurance
Claiming Compensation after a Motor Vehicle Accident
Commencing Court Proceedings after a Motor Vehicle Accident
Personal Injury Claims after a Motor Vehicle Accident

Accidents at work

Queensland Workers’ Compensation System
WorkCover Statutory Compensation
Workers Compensation under the National Insurance Scheme
Common Law Claim for Damages against an Employer

Accidents due to defective premises and products

Injury or Damage due to Defective Premises
Injury or Damage Caused by Defective Roadways and Pathways
Liability, Exclusion and Warning Signs on Premises
Injury or Damage due to Defective Products

Where a person is injured as a result of the actions of another person or persons, an entitlement to compensation for the injury can arise.

There are general principles that apply to claims for compensation for injuries, and particular rules that apply to the most common types of personal injuries claims including those arising out of motor vehicle accidents, accidents at work and defective premises or defective products.

The plaintiff is the person who starts the proceedings in a court to obtain damages for personal injury, and the defendant is the person who is sued for the damages.

The legislation relating to claims for personal injuries is updated regularly, and it is recommended that plaintiffs or defendants consult a lawyer with specialist qualifications or experience in personal injury law.