Last updated 14 April 2022

pdf_downloadDefinition of Important Words and Phrases in Wills and Estates
The Need for a Will
Making a Will
Important Clauses in Wills
The Need for a Solicitor to Draw up a Will
Model Will
Changes to a Will
Probate and Letters of Administration
Procedure for Obtaining a Grant of Probate
Obtaining a Death Certificate
Inheritance Problems
The Roles within Administration of Estates
The Cost of Administering an Estate
Obligations Outstanding at the Time of Death
Contesting a Will
Funeral Funds and other Benefits
Tax and Superannuation in Deceased Estates

A will is a document that sets out the wishes of the testator regarding the distribution of their estate upon their death. Since a will must meet certain formal requirements and the law of wills has many pitfalls, it is highly advisable to consult a solicitor, the Office of the Public Trustee or a private trustee company about drafting a will. If the formal requirements are not complied with, costly legal proceedings, including applications to court, may result.

The law in Queensland relating to wills and intestacy is substantially contained in the Succession Act 1981 (Qld).