Last Updated 5 June 2017

pdf_downloadWhen to Seek Legal Help
Lawyers—Solicitors and Barristers
Employing a Lawyer
The Lawyer’s Responsibility
Costs Involved in Engaging a Solicitor
Complaints about Legal Costs
Disputing a Solicitor’s Bill
Complaints against Lawyers
Compensation for Financial Loss Due to Lawyers’ Conduct
Legal Assistance at Community Legal Centres
Other Services Offering Legal Assistance
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Dispute Resolution Centres

 Legal advice and assistance is necessary in many situations. Although advice and assistance can be expensive, it is always advisable to seek good quality legal advice and, if necessary, representation when dealing with difficult legal issues.

Assistance can be obtained for free through community legal centres, Legal Aid Queensland and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander legal services. Private lawyers charge a fee; however, some also offer initial advice for free or for a low fixed fee.

Not all legal disputes need to be settled through court processes, and a variety of alternative dispute resolution options are available including mediation and conciliation.