Last updated 10 June 2022

click to download a pdf of this chapterDefamation: What You Need to Know
The Law Relating to Defamation in Queensland
Declaring Something as Defamatory
Form of Communicating Defamatory Matter
Who Can Bring an Action for Defamation
Who Can be a Publisher
Defending Defamation Claims
Resolving Defamation Disputes without Going to Court
Going to Court with a Defamation Claim
Orders by the Court in a Defamation Claim
Criminal Defamation

In Queensland, a claim for defamation may be made by a living person, a not-for-profit corporation or a corporation with less than 10 employees if a defamatory matter is published by another person (including a large corporation).

Whether a matter is defamatory is a question of fact to be determined by a court considering a number of judicial principles such as whether the relevant person’s reputation was negatively affected, whether they experienced undesirable behaviour of others towards them or whether they have been shunned, ridiculed or hated because of the matter published.

The information in this chapter is intended as a general overview and is not intended to be a substitute for professional legal advice. A person concerned about defamation should seek specific advice from a solicitor.