Last updated 28 November 2016. This chapter is under review.

pdf_downloadDebt Basics
Letter of Demand to Recover a Debt
Financial Counselling for Debtors
Harassment by Debt Collectors
Going to the Tribunal or Court for Debt Disputes
Disputing a Debt Claim in the Tribunal
Appealing a Tribunal Decision about Debt
Disputing a Debt Claim in the Court
Appealing a Court Decision about Debt
Recovering a Judgment Debt
Enforcement of a Money Order

A debt is created when one person owes money to another. While it is not a criminal offence to be in debt, debt problems and demand for payment of a debt should not be ignored.

There are low-cost and no-cost financial counselling services available throughout Queensland to assist with responding to a demand for payment of debts.

If court proceedings are commenced to recover a debt, there are formal procedures to follow and strict timelines will apply. It is advisable to get legal advice as soon as possible about court proceedings and the recovery of a debt.