Last updated 18 March 2022

Buying a Homeclick to download a pdf of this chapter

Joint Tenants or Tenants in Common
Obtaining Finance for Buying a Home
Dealing with Real Estate Agents
Conveyancing Process for Purchasing a Home
Contract for Buying a Home
The Real Estate Institute of Queensland Contract for Buying a Home
Searches Regarding Property Information Before Settlement
Necessary Documents for Settlement when Buying a Home
Completion of the Process of Buying a Home
Conveyancing Process for Purchasing a Townhouse or Unit
Special Considerations in Purchasing a Townhouse or Unit
Outlays When Buying a Home

Selling a Home

Dealing with Real Estate Agents when Selling a Home
Types of Agreements with Real Estate Agents
Auctioning a Home
Real Estate Agent’s Right to Commission and Incidental Expenses

Building or Renovating a Home

Selecting a Builder
Owner Builder
Specifying the Building Work Required
The Contract for Building Work
Dealing with a Building Contractor
Resolution of Building Disputes

A contract to buy or sell a home is the most important contract most people will ever make.

Before approaching real estate agents or sellers, buyers should carefully consider the steps to take when a suitable home is found. It is important to avoid being drawn in by strong pressure to sign a contract immediately.

The proposed contract should be shown to a solicitor before signing. A solicitor can advise on many things including the form of the contract and relevant clauses, finance, mortgage terms, questions of joint ownership and any problems relating to the state of the property.

Similarly, maintaining a home and undertaking repairs or renovations can be significant aspects of life.

When deciding to build or to renovate, a person needs to develop a clear idea of what work is required before approaching a building contractor for a quote. Uncertainty about exact requirements can cause delay and even additional costs.