Last updated 21 December 2016. This chapter is currently under review.

pdf_downloadOffences Relating to Community Use of Public Places
Graffiti and Possession Offences
Police ‘Move On’ Powers
Offences Directed at Police
Peaceful Assemblies and Processions

Street offences comprise a variety of behaviours that are considered to be contrary to reasonable standards of public behaviour and include:

  • being a public nuisance by behaving in a disorderly, offensive, violent or threatening manner
  • urinating in a public place
  • begging
  • wilful exposure
  • public drunkenness
  • graffiti.

Police officers can, under the same restrictions as with any other simple offence in Queensland, arrest any persons found committing a street offence. Alternatively, as with any offence, a police officer may proceed by giving the offender a notice to appear (for more information see the Arrest and Interrogation chapter).

This chapter encompasses a range of street offences relating to the use of public space and the charges that may result from interaction with police (e.g. failure to obey police directions).

The Summary Offences Act 2005 (Qld) is the major piece of legislation that governs street offences.