Last updated 9 January 2019

Sales contracts made on the phone initiated by a call from the supplier are also regulated by the Australian Consumer Law’s (ACL) door-to-door sales protections (ss 69–95 ACL).

It is possible to enter a contract to buy goods or services over the phone, but the supplier will be required to provide a written copy of the agreement within five business days after the agreement was made.

The consumer has 10 business days from the date they received the agreement to cancel the contract.

The Do Not Call register was established so that consumers could limit the number of unwanted telemarketing calls. Consumers can ring the Do Not Call register and register their home, mobile and fax numbers that they use for personal purposes. Once registered, the number remains on the registry permanently.

Once the consumer is on the register, telemarketers are unable to ring that person unless they have given consent. Consent can be implied in some circumstances. Some public interest bodies, such as charities and political organisations, are exempt from the Do Not Call register arrangements.

Consumers can complain to the register if they receive unsolicited calls.