Last updated 9 January 2019

Agencies that sign up consumers to meet people interested in forming personal relationships or attending social outings must comply with the Introduction Agents Act 2001 (Qld) (Introduction Agents Act) This Act allows consumers to cancel the contract at any time before 5 pm on the third clear business day of receiving a copy of the signed agreement without reason and without liability for damages for breaching the contract (s 58 Introduction Agents Act).

The agency can keep a fee if the agreement is cancelled. The amount of the fee must be stated in the agreement and must not be more than the difference between the contract price for the agreement and the amount that the client has paid under the agreement up to the time it is ended (s 55 Introduction Agents Act). There are a number of requirements under this Act for introduction agreements, and consumers can take legal action in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal if the agent has not met those requirements and refuses to refund money paid by the consumer.