Last updated 4 January 2017     This chapter is currently under review.

Victim Assist Queensland provides information and referral to specialist services including:

  • court support
  • information about the justice process
  • preparation of victim impact statements
  • general information about appearing as a witness
  • reducing risk of re-victimisation
  • promoting recovery.

Victim Assist Queensland’s Victims LinkUp service refers victims and their families to specialist services, including specialist counselling services that are most appropriate to meet their presenting support and recovery needs outside of the criminal justice system.

Victim Assist Queensland’s local area Victim Coordination Officers located in Cairns, Rockhampton and Ipswich courthouses and a local LinkUp officer located in the Townsville courthouse work to improve service coordination and the capacity of agencies to deliver court support in local areas. When required, they also provide direct client service for victims of crime such as court support, assistance in making a victim impact statement and applying for financial assistance.