Last updated 12 September 2018

Victims of an act of violence may apply for financial assistance to pay for goods and services needed to aid in their recovery from the psychological and physical effects of a violent crime. Assistance can be sought to pay for counselling, medical and travel expenses, loss of earnings, loss or damage to clothing that the victim was wearing during the crime and, in exceptional cases, other expenses such as relocation costs. Assistance can also be sought for costs associated with obtaining a report that forms part of the victim’s application for assistance. The expenses claimed must directly relate to the victim’s recovery from an injury sustained that is a direct result of the act of violence.

Applications for financial assistance are assessed by a government assessor under the Victims of Crime Assistance Act 2009 (Qld) (VOCA Act). The assessor determines, on the balance of probabilities, whether an act of violence has occurred, and if the applicant was injured as a direct result of the act of violence. Assessors rely on evidence from a variety of sources to make a determination on an applicant’s eligibility for an amount of assistance granted (e.g. police reports, medical records, receipts and invoices).

Approved guidelines for granting financial assistance are published by Victim Assist Queensland.