Last updated 14 March 2022

It is advisable for a person experiencing domestic violence, to discuss their situation with their manager or supervisor as they may be entitled to compassionate leave, sick leave or annual leave. 

The Queensland Government offers domestic violence leave, which is available to people who are experiencing domestic and family violence (DFV) or who are supporting a person experiencing DFV. The leave is a minimum of 10 days and is available for situations such as attending medical appointments, legal appointments, police or counselling appointments, attending courts or other legal proceedings, organising alternative accommodation or care arrangements. For further information contact the Public Service Commission (see Support for Employees affected by Domestic and Family Violence (Directive 03/20)).

Australian Government employees are also entitled to five days of unpaid family and domestic violence leave covered by the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth). 

Employers do have a duty of care to provide a safe and healthy workplace. The employee may wish to discuss with their employer some measures such as changing their direct phone line or transferring to another work station. If there is a domestic violence order that prevents a respondent from attending at a place of employment, that information should be disclosed to the employer so that they are aware of the situation and can then take protective steps to ensure safety at work.

Devising a safety plan for leaving and arriving at work, and making sure to use a variety of routes to and from work or having someone to walk with to the bus or train may be wise.