Last updated 14 March 2022

Legislation in each state and territory ensures that a domestic violence order issued in one state or territory will automatically apply and be enforceable in all states and territories of Australia. This means that Queensland automatically recognises interstate domestic violence orders and that a domestic violence order, police protection notice or release condition made in Queensland will be recognised and enforced in other states or territories. This also includes orders varied in Queensland and Queensland orders varied by another state court. 

If the domestic violence order was made before 25 November 2017, the order can be registered at any time to ensure nationwide protection by making an application to any local court in Australia (use Form 35 in Queensland). The respondent will not be notified of the application to register in another state unless the aggrieved gives permission for that to occur.  

A domestic violence order made in New Zealand after 25 November 2017 can be registered in any state or territory of Australia and will automatically apply and be enforceable in all states and territories.

States and territories also have access to a national database to share domestic violence order information.