The Refugee and Immigration Legal Service (RAILS) is the only community legal centre in Queensland specialising in immigration and refugee law. Established in 1980, RAILS has built a strong reputation for quality legal work and as a leading non-profit organisation bringing access to justice for refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. Visit for information about legal advice and education.

Bunu Gautam has many years of experience in migration law having worked in private law firms and the community sector. She ran a private migration practice for seven years and has been part of the Refugee and Immigration Legal Service team since 2008. Bunu is now a full-time caseworker at RAILS representing applicants for partner, family reunion and protection visas, and ministerial intervention cases. She also represents clients before the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and briefs counsel on federal court matters.

Taya Hunt is a senior migration adviser with MinterEllison. She provides strategic advice to businesses and government agencies regarding all aspects of migration law. Taya began her career as a judge’s associate and then worked for several years in South-East Asia as a migration lawyer. She worked with the Refugee and Immigration Legal Service for seven years and previously worked with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. Taya has published numerous papers and reports on migration law. Taya has a passion for pro bono work and is a member of the Queensland Law Society Domestic and Family Violence Committee.

The authors would like to acknowledge Sonia Caton for her previous contribution to this chapter and that some information was taken from the Department of Home Affairs website.