Last updated 14 January 2019

pdf_downloadLoans regulated by the National Credit Code
Rights and Obligations of Credit Providers
Inducing a Borrower to Take Out a Loan
Interest Rates, Fees and Charges
Requirements Specific to Consumer Leases
Requirements Specific to Mortgages
Requirements Specific to Guarantees
Unable to Make Loan Repayments
Repossession of Goods when Unable to Make Loan Repayments
Repossession of Property when Unable to Make Loan Repayments
Remedies – Dealing with Debts
Industry Codes of Practice for Lenders
Credit Rating and Credit Reporting
Bank/Customer Relationship
The Importance of the Banking Code
Ownership of Money in a Bank Account
Bank Cheques
Unauthorised Transactions, Online Banking and Use of Credit Cards
Complaints against Financial Institutions

This chapter provides an overview of the laws affecting consumer lending, credit rating and reporting (including privacy provisions) and the relationships between customers and banks.

Law in these areas can be very complex. Legal Aid Queensland has a specialist unit (consumer protection unit) providing advice on credit and debt, and its solicitors are able to support other lawyers helping clients struggling with loans. Caxton Legal Centre Inc. also has lawyers who practise in this area of law.