A Celebration of 40 Years of Unlocking The Law

It was about 4pm and The Tivoli was looking spectacular, even with a couple of large stepladders on the dance floor and various black clad technicians shouting technical things to each other. 

By 6.15 The tables were set, the seating plan was in place, the lighting and sound was ready, Megan and Karen had sprinkled the illicit illuminations on the tables and a feeling of anticipation was in the air.

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Without Unnecessary Violence

PLEASE NOTE: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that this document may contain images of deceased persons. 

At the 150th anniversary of the gazettal of Regulations imposing a duty on armed officers to “disperse” any “large assembly of blacks without unnecessary violence”, how does the present day reality of Aboriginal people in Queensland continue to be shaped by the history of their relations with the Queensland colonial police force?

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Caxton Turns 40

This year Caxton Legal Centre celebrates 40 years of unlocking the law for Queenslanders.  Caxton Legal Centre is as an independent non-profit organisation providing free legal advice and representation to Queenslanders who face disadvantage in their access to the law.

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