Leanne Wiseman is a Professor in Law at Griffith University and Chair of the Australian Repair Network. Prior to joining Griffith University, she was a senior lecturer in law at the Queensland University of Technology and worked in private practice and government as a solicitor. Leanne’s primary research interests lie in the field of intellectual property law, and her publications are in the fields of intellectual property, contract and company law. She has served as an executive member of the Intellectual Property Society of Australia and New Zealand (IPSANZ) for a number of years and currently remains a member of the Intellectual Property Committee of the Law Council of Australia. Leanne has had a long involvement with the Arts Law Centre (Qld) arising from her involvement with creators in the arts community. Leanne’s current research interests have broadened to examining the rebalancing of IP rights with genuine access to information and, more recently, the International Right to Repair movement.