Last updated 20 January 2022

A written request can be made by any person for an inquest to be held following a person’s death (s 30 Coroners Act 2003 (Qld) (Coroners Act)). This commonly occurs when family members believe someone is negligent or criminally responsible for a death, but no charges have been laid. The request must detail the public interest grounds for why an inquest should be held and can be completed by filling out a Form 15 (s 30(2) Coroners Act).

The coroner must provide written reasons within six months of receiving an application for holding an inquest, or a longer period if that is required to gather relevant information (ss 30(3), (9) Coroners Act).

If an application is denied by a coroner, a further application can be made to the State Coroner by submitting a Form 16. Within 14 days of receiving the State Coroner’s reasons to deny an inquest, a person can also apply to the District Court for a coronial inquest to be held (ss 30(4)–(8) Coroners Act).