Last updated 15 August 2022

Section 7.4 of the Police Service Administration Act 1990 (Qld) (PSA Act) describes the grounds for disciplinary action for police officers. The Police Commissioner or a person holding an appointment as an executive police officer or commissioned police officer of a rank higher than the subject officer (prescribed officer) can order the subject officer to be disciplined in a manner that appears to be appropriate in a particular case (s 7.35 PSA Act).

Section 7.34 of the PSA Act lists the disciplinary sanctions that may be imposed. Depending upon the position held by the prescribed officer, they include:

  • dismissal
  • demotion in rank
  • reprimand
  • a fine of up to 50 penalty units
  • up to 100 hours of community service
  • probation for up to 12 months
  • a transfer.

These provisions do not remove the right of a superior officer to impose, in a reasonable way, professional development strategies or the giving of guidance in relation to the grounds for disciplinary action (s 7.5(2) PSA Act).