Last updated 20 January 2017

Section 7.4 of the Police Service Administration Act 1990 (Qld) (PSA Act) prescribes the available disciplinary penalties following disciplinary action for police officers. The Police Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner can order a police officer to be disciplined in a manner that appears to be warranted when they are of the opinion that an officer should be disciplined (reg Police Service (Discipline) Regulations 1990 (Qld) (PSD Regulations)). Therefore, the Police Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner have broad powers to order disciplinary punishment against police officers.

Section 7.4(3) of the PSA Act lists the disciplinary sanctions that may be imposed. They include:

  • dismissal
  • demotion in rank
  • reprimand
  • reduction in an officer’s level of salary
  • forfeiture in deferment of a salary increment or increase
  • deduction from an officer’s salary payment of a sum equivalent to a fine of two penalty units.

These provisions do not remove the right of a superior officer to chastise or correct by way of guidance for inappropriate acts, omissions or failures in the performance of a subordinate officer’s duty (reg 11 PSD Regulations). The suspension of any punishment is permitted in certain circumstances (reg 12 PSD Regulations).