Last Updated 19 December 2016

The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) has jurisdiction to hear and determine matters on a range of issues including:

  • anti-discrimination matters
  • minor civil and consumer disputes
  • dividing fences disputes
  • children and young people matters including blue card reviews
  • adult guardianship matters
  • residential tenancy dispute
  • building disputes
  • occupational regulation matters
  • retail shop lease matters
  • disciplinary action in relation to a number of professions.

The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal also has the power to review a number of governmental decisions that were previously reviewed by the Supreme or District Court (its review jurisdiction).

The jurisdiction of QCAT can vary depending on which type of matter it is hearing. However, there is a monetary limit of $25 000 for minor civil disputes and dividing fences.

Outside of the Brisbane metropolitan area, QCAT sits at local Magistrates courts, and matters are heard by the local magistrate who sits as a QCAT member. Parties are generally not permitted to be represented by lawyers.

If a non-judicial member makes a QCAT decision, an appeal can be made to the QCAT Internal Appeal Tribunal. If a judicial member makes the decision, an appeal can be made to the Court of Appeal (see above).