Last updated 2 September 2019

People in prison are entitled to access all laws, regulations, policies and procedures to which they are subject. They are also entitled to see most information on their files (held by the sentence management unit at the prison) on request. Other information regarding their personal affairs may be obtained through a right to information request. The relevant forms should be available at the prison, and a right to information request should be processed by the Queensland Corrective Services’s Right to Information section within 25 business days. No fee is payable for accessing information relating to the prisoner’s personal affairs.

If the request is not responded to by the department within 25 business days, the request is deemed to have been refused, and the request can then be referred to the Information Commissioner, by request in writing, for review.

The department may refuse to provide some information on the basis that it is exempt under the Right to Information Act 2009 (Qld). Refusals to provide information under a request are reviewable by referral to the Information Commissioner (see chapter on Right to Information and Freedom of Information).