Last updated 13 December 2016


Legislation Relevant to Children and Young Workers
Work Experience, Apprenticeships and Traineeships
Youth Employment Enterprise Agreements and Awards
Youth Allowance

Other rights

Children and Contracts
Liability of Children and Parents
Children and Civil Court Proceedings
Children and Drinking
Children and Driving
Other Activities Involving Children

The employment of children in Queensland is governed by the Child Employment Act 2006 (Qld) (Child Employment Act) and the Child Employment Regulation 2006 (Qld). The laws are complemented by the Children and Young Workers Code of Practice 2006, which outlines the special characteristics of young workers and the standards to which their health and safety in the workplace must be managed by the employer.

The purpose of the Child Employment Act is to safeguard children working in Queensland. This is achieved by ensuring that work does not interfere with a child’s schooling and preventing children from performing work that may be harmful to their health or safety, or physical, mental, moral or social development.

Other rights and responsibilities of children, such as when entering into a contract or when deciding the degree of liability in negligence actions, are also considered in this chapter.