Last updated 18 March 2022

If the building project involves domestic building work valued at $3300 or more, various requirements are imposed on the contractor by the provisions of sch 1B of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991 (Qld) (QBCC Act).

Under the ‘dual contracts’ system, contracts with a contract price between $3300 and $20 000 are known as level 1 regulated contracts and those contracts for domestic building work for a contract price of $20 000 or above are level 2 regulated contracts. Level 2 regulated contracts provide greater protection for owners. For example, agreements must be in writing and, among other things, include a description of the work, any plans and specifications for the work, the cost of the work and the completion date. For a level 2 regulated contract, the building contractor must also give the building owner a copy of the Consumer Building Guide before the owner signs the contract.

Contractors must provide clients with a copy of the written signed contract including any plans and specifications within five business days after entering into the regulated contract and before commencing work.