Last updated 10 May 2016

Community visitors are within the Office of the Public Guardian and are authorised to inspect visitable sites and ensure the interests of adults with impaired capacity are being safeguarded. A visitable site refers to a place other than a private house or aged care facility regulated by the federal government, where adults with impaired capacity live or receive services. A community visitor can inquire into and report of the adequacy of services for the assessment, treatment and support of adults at the visitable site.

The community visitor measures the appropriateness and standard of services for the accommodation, health and wellbeing of adults at the visitable site. They can view the extent of services provided to the adults as well as the adequacy of information given to them, and the accessibility and effectiveness of procedures for complaints about the services. They may enquire into and seek to resolve complaints, or identify and make appropriate and timely referrals of unresolved complaints to appropriate entities for further investigation or resolution.