Last updated 28 March 2018

Drivers involved in an accident are legally obliged to:

  • stop immediately and help anyone who may be injured
  • give their name and address, the name and address of the car’s owner (if different from their own) and the registration number of the car to:
    • any other driver involved in the accident
    • any person injured
    • the owner of any property damaged
    • the Queensland Police Service—within 24 hours of the accident—if someone is killed or injured in the accident or a motor vehicle has to be towed or carried away
  • remove any dangerous debris that has fallen from their vehicle after an accident, including oil spills.

Practical steps

When a person is involved in an accident, the following steps should be taken at the scene of the accident:

  • obtain the names and addresses of any witnesses
  • make handwritten notes of any conversation with the other person involved in the accident and make a sketch showing how the accident happened (e.g. position of vehicles)
  • make a drawing of the accident scene (including distances, width of street and lane markings). Take photos of the scene and any damage to vehicles
  • obtain full particulars of the driver of the other vehicle, including their licence number and the name of their insurance company (both CTP and comprehensive insurance)
  • do not make admissions about liability for the accident. Admissions at the scene of the accident may invalidate an insurance policy
  • report the accident to any insurer as soon as possible. This is a standard term of insurance policies, and failure to do so may result in denial of cover. The accident should be reported even if you have no present intention to claim against the policy
  • seek immediate medical attention if injuries are sustained.