Last updated 1 August 2018

The changes to the Adoption Act 2009 (Qld) (Adoption Act) now allow same-sex couples to submit an expression of interest to adopt.

All adoptions in Queensland are managed by the Adoption Services of the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women. The adoption services administer adoption legislation and provide statutory services to:

  • parents who consider adoption for their children
  • children requiring adoptive placements
  • people seeking to adopt children
  • people seeking information about past adoption.

The adoption process in Queensland for same-sex couples is the same as it is for any other person who wishes to apply for adoption.

Adoption Services keep a formal register of people who have completed and lodged an expression of interest and meet the relevant eligibility requirements under the Adoption Act.

Same-sex relationships and intercountry adoptions

Each country has its own eligibility and requirements about who can adopt children.

Intercountry Adoption Australia has detailed information about the adoption programs that Australia participates in, a step-by–step guide for Australian families considering adopting a child from overseas and information of state contacts and support.

Can parties to a same-sex relationship apply to adopt their partner’s child?

It is permissible for parties to a same-sex relationship to pursue adoption of their partner’s child through the step-parent adoption process (pt 5 Adoption Act). A person in a same-sex relationship who wishes to adopt their partner’s child will be required to undergo the same assessment for eligibility as a person in a heterosexual relationship (pt 5 div 1 Adoption Act).

Again, Adoption Services have specific information about the adoption process and post adoption support and services.