Last updated 3 August 2016

Financial counselling can help people who find themselves overcommitted with debts or having difficulty managing money.

There are a number of not-for-profit and government-run services in Queensland that offer free or low cost financial counselling and assistance.

A financial counsellor can help with budget planning and can assist with debt consolidation. If a creditor is demanding payment of a debt or threatening court proceedings, a financial counsellor can help to negotiate payment of the debt. If there is a dispute about the debt, a financial counsellor can advise on ways to challenge the debt and properly calculate any amount owing.

There are also debt advice businesses that charge fees for financial counselling services. These businesses may also conduct associated lending and finance services. It may be best to consult a not-for-profit financial counsellor first. If in doubt about whether the financial counsellor they have contacted is a not-for-profit service, ask whether the financial adviser will be charging a fee for advice.