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Caxton Legal Centre publishes a number of self-help kits and factsheets to practically assist people if they face certain legal issues.
Each is designed as a guide to legislation and the legal process, and defines legal terms, outlines a person’s rights and may include relevant forms.
New and updated factsheets and self-help kits will appear on this page as they are published.

Preparing Affidavits for the Magistrates Court
An affidavit is a written statement that sets out the facts of your case—your story—in numbered paragraphs.


Making an Application to Court for Childbirth Expenses
A self-help kit for mothers, this kit provides general information about how to apply for childbirth expenses through the Federal Circuit Court. 

Making an Application to Court for the Maintenance of an Adult Child
If a child has turned 18 years old and is still in the process of completing their education, then, unless you can reach agreement with the other parent for such maintenance/child support to continue, you will need to apply to the court for an order for the continuation of such maintenance/child support.

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Police Powers – Your Rights
If you are ever in trouble with police, you should seek legal advice immediately.

Peace and Good Behaviour Order
There are situations when you can feel threatened by others in the community. Find out how to apply for a Peace and Good Behaviour Order.

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Dividing Fences
This kit provides general information about the building and maintenance of fences dividing two neighbouring residential properties.

Tree Disputes
This kit explains who is responsible for the maintenance of trees and sets out ways to resolve disputes with your neighbour.

Letter of Demand
How to write a letter demanding a debt to be paid.

Missing Persons 
What to do when family or friends go missing in Queensland.

Queensland Apprentices
A legal resource for Queensland apprentices and trainees covering workplace law and dealing with problems in an apprenticeship or traineeship.
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Schoolies in Queensland
Have fun at Schoolies Week and don’t get caught up with the law! Some behaviour that you might think is okay can actually be against the law, especially when you are in a public place.
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10 Tips for Protecting Yourself from Elder Abuse
Tips on how to manage your money, an enduring power of attorney and various other life issues.

Sharing a Home with Friends or Family
There are many legal situations to consider when sharing a home with friends or family. This factsheet raises awarness of and explains common problems older people can avoid.

Financial Gifts and Loans
It is sometimes difficult to determine if money given was a gift or a loan. Find out how to avoid disputes and what to consider before gifting or loaning money to family members.

Decision Making and Power of Attorney
If you are worried about making decisions or about the management of your affairs, you need to seek assistance. Find out how to avoid common legal problems and what to consider when contemplating the use of an enduring power of attorney.

Raising Money from the Family Home
Older people are often tempted by various special loan arrangements, without understanding the full implications of the repayment requirements. Read on to find out what to consider before borrowing money against your home.

Talking about Financial Matters
Sometimes people make poor decisions about how to financially manage their retirement. Find out where to get help with planning your finances and making informed decisions, and what to consider when taking financial advice.

Residential Aged Care and Community Care Arrangements
Making decision about aged care can be a daunting experienceRead on about what to consider when planning to enter into aged care arrangements, how to deal with concerns about the care received and what to do if things go wrong.

Consumer Contracts – Dodgy Deals
There are always potential risks when purchasing a service or product. Find out about consumer protection legislation and what to consider before entering into a consumer contract.

Preventing Violence
Domestic violence can take many different forms and shapes, from physical to psychological or financial abuse. Read on how to protect yourself or your loved ones and where to get help when things go wrong.