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Caxton Legal Centre publishes a number of self-help kits and factsheets to practically assist people if they face certain legal issues.
Each is designed as a guide to legislation and the legal process, and defines legal terms, outlines a person’s rights and may include relevant forms.
New and updated factsheets and self-help kits will appear on this page as they are published.

  Auslan Videos

Caxton Legal Centre has created a series of legal information videos in Auslan aimed at the Queensland deaf and hard-of-hearing communities.

The videos are designed to be shared on social media so please help spread the word.

This project was funded by Legal Aid Queensland’s CLE Collaboration Fund and produced with the help of Deaf Services.


Legal information related to the pandemic.

Find answers about everyday legal issues, holiday booking cancellations, policing and how the rules and regulations in retirement villages and residential parks may be affected.

   Work and Life

Information on some common legal issues.

Whether you have been dismissed from work, are having a dispute with your neighbour over a tree or a fence, or want information about how not to get caught up with the law when at schoolies,  you can find some general information in these respective factsheets.

  Family Law

Find out more about what urgent steps to take when there is a risk of children being taken overseas, how to apply for child birth expenses or the maintenance of an adult child.

  Offenders & Victims

Here you will find answers to some common questions about an individual’s legal rights when in contact with police, how to apply for a peace and good behaviour order, step-by-step information about what to expect when going to court and information about free assistance at court for respondents.

  Elder Law

Elder abuse and financial exploitation can occur within the family, but older persons may also experience abuse from carers, neighbours, friends or services.

Check out our factsheets for valuable information regarding elder abuse and other common legal matters for seniors.

Translated factsheets in a range of languages.

Financial Protection

Planning your retirement regarding accommodation, aged care and finances can be quite daunting.

Find out more about how to make the right health care decisions for you and how to secure your finances later in life.

   Retirement Living

There are many things to consider before moving into a retirement village or buying a manufactured home and moving into a manufactured home park.

Find out what to look out for, how to navigate through complex contracts and what to expect in terms of potential financial implications, rules, regulations and responsibilities.