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Caxton Legal Centre publishes a number of self-help kits and factsheets to practically assist people if they face certain legal issues.
Each is designed as a guide to legislation and the legal process, and defines legal terms, outlines a person’s rights and may include relevant forms.
New and updated factsheets and self-help kits will appear on this page as they are published.

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Caxton Legal Centre has created a series of legal information videos in Auslan aimed at the Queensland Deaf and Hard-of-hearing communities.

The videos are designed to be shared on social media so please help spread the word.

This project was funded by Legal Aid Queensland’s CLE Collaboration Fund and with the help of Deaf Services.

View all six Auslan legal information videos here.

Caxton Legal Centre has published the following legal information factsheets:

COVID-19 and your everyday legal issues

COVID-19 and the legal consequences of failing to self-quarantine

COVID-19 and family law issues

COVID-19 and retirement villages and residential parks

Emergency Response Regulation: general increase day 19 March to 24 May

Emergency Response Regulation: general increase day 25 May to 24 September

Emergency Response Regulation: general increase day 25 September to 31 December

COVID-19 and holiday booking cancellations

Policing in Queensland during the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 Hotel Quarantine – Applying for a fee waiver

Preparing Affidavits for the Magistrates Court
An affidavit is a written statement that sets out the facts of your case—your story—in numbered paragraphs.

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Have You Lost Your Job?
A legal guide to dismissal from work, managing on less money and getting back into the workforce.

Dividing Fences
This kit provides general information about the building and maintenance of fences dividing two neighbouring residential properties.

Tree Disputes
This kit explains who is responsible for the maintenance of trees and sets out ways to resolve disputes with your neighbour.

Letter of Demand
How to write a letter demanding a debt to be paid.

Missing Persons 
What to do when family or friends go missing in Queensland.

Schoolies in Queensland
Have fun at Schoolies Week and don’t get caught up with the law! Some behaviour that you might think is okay can actually be against the law, especially when you are in a public place.
(Opens our special Schoolies website in a new tab or page.)


Family Law Watchlist
Urgent steps to take when there is a risk of children being taken overseas.

Making an Application to Court for Childbirth Expenses
A self-help kit for mothers, this kit provides general information about how to apply for childbirth expenses through the Federal Circuit Court. 

Making an Application to Court for the Maintenance of an Adult Child
If a child has turned 18 years old and is still in the process of completing their education, then, unless you can reach agreement with the other parent for such maintenance/child support to continue, you will need to apply to the court for an order for the continuation of such maintenance/child support.

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Police Powers – Your Rights
If you are ever in trouble with police, you should seek legal advice immediately.

Police Powers during the Commonwealth Games 2018
Here you will find answers to some common questions about an individual’s legal rights, particularly with regard to police interactions, in and around the Games.

Peace and Good Behaviour Order
There are situations when you can feel threatened by others in the community. Find out how to apply for a Peace and Good Behaviour Order.

Information for Respondents in Domestic Violence Matters
Information about free services available at court and where to go for ongoing  assistance. 

How to Write a Character Reference
Find out how to obtain and write a character reference intended for use in criminal law cases in the Magistrates Court.

Going to Court for the First Time
Step-by-step information about what to do on arrival at court, what to expect in court and how duty lawyers can help you.

Pleading Guilty in the Magistrates Court
Read about the various options you have when you are charged with an offence, and learn about the court process when pleading guilty to the offence.

Going to Trial in the Magistrates Court
If you do not accept that you are guilty of an offence you may decide to go to trial. This factsheet describes in detail the court process, what happens at the hearing and outlines the defence case.

10 Tips for Protecting Yourself from Elder Abuse
Tips on how to manage your money, an enduring power of attorney and various other life issues.

Sharing a Home with Friends or Family
There are many legal situations to consider when sharing a home with friends or family. This factsheet raises awareness of and explains common problems older people can avoid.

Financial Gifts and Loans
It is sometimes difficult to determine if money given was a gift or a loan. Find out how to avoid disputes and what to consider before gifting or loaning money to family members.

Decision Making and Power of Attorney
If you are worried about making decisions or about the management of your affairs, you need to seek assistance. Find out how to avoid common legal problems and what to consider when contemplating the use of an enduring power of attorney.

Raising Money from the Family Home
Older people are often tempted by various special loan arrangements, without understanding the full implications of the repayment requirements. Read on to find out what to consider before borrowing money against your home.

Talking about Financial Matters
Sometimes people make poor decisions about how to financially manage their retirement. Find out where to get help with planning your finances and making informed decisions, and what to consider when taking financial advice.

Residential Aged Care and Community Care Arrangements
This factsheet is currently under review.
Making decisions about aged care can be a daunting experience. Read on about what to consider when planning to enter into aged care arrangements, how to deal with concerns about the care received and what to do if things go wrong.

Consumer Contracts – Dodgy Deals
There are always potential risks when purchasing a service or product. Find out about consumer protection legislation and what to consider before entering into a consumer contract.

Preventing Violence
Domestic violence can take many different forms and shapes, from physical to psychological or financial abuse. Read on how to protect yourself or your loved ones and where to get help when things go wrong.

New Guardianship Laws

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The following factsheets are available in a range of languages.

View all of the translated factsheets here.

Staying safe at home

Telling someone

Keeping money and assets safe

Making your own decisions

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Community Legal Information Videos for residents in a retirement village and home owners in a manufactured home park

Retirement Villages
There are many things to consider before moving into a retirement village, such as lifestyle change, rules and regulations of the village and unexpected financial implications. Find out what to look out for and how to navigate through complex contracts.

Retirement Village Fees and Charges
Make sure you are well informed about all the various fees and charges you may encounter when moving into a retirement village.

Participating in Decision Making at a Retirement Village
Joining a residents committee could be the best way of making sure you have input when decisions about the day-to-day running of the village are made. Learn more about how to establish a committee and about the rights and responsibilities that have to be observed.

Disputes and Complaints Regarding Retirement Villages
Find out more about the various dispute-resolution mechanisms available to you when disagreements between residents, or residents and the village operator, cannot be solved be simply talking to each other.

Moving out of a Retirement Village
Selling and moving out of a retirement village is a very different process to selling a house. Read on to find out about all the rule and regulations that apply when you decide to move out.

Frequently Asked Questions about Retirement Villages
The basics that you need to know about moving into and living in a Queensland Retirement Village.

Negotiating with Your Village Operator

Manufactured Home Parks
There are many things to consider when buying a manufactured home and moving into a manufactured home park. Read on and make sure you are well informed about the rules and regulations of the respective park and your own responsibilities. 

Park Facilities and Common Areas
Park facilities, such as pools and playgrounds, can be a very attractive drawcard. Read on to find out who is responsible for the maintenance of the facilities and common areas, and where to go for help if disputes arise.

Disputes and Complaints Regarding Parks 
There are various ways to resolve disputes that may arise between the home owner and the park operator. Read on to find out about the best way to settle your disagreements.

Selling and Moving out of a Manufactured Home Park
Selling your manufactured home is very different from selling a house. Find out more about how to transfer or terminate your site agreement, and about your rights when selling and moving out of a park.

Park Site Rent Increase – Market Review
Information for home owners in a Queensland Manufactured Home Park who have been given notice of a site rent increase by way of ‘Market Review’.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Manufactured Home Parks
The basics that you need to know about moving into and living in a Queensland Manufactured Home Park.

Making a Complaint to Regulatory Services
The Regulatory Services Unit is responsible for investigating complaints and prosecuting alleged breaches of the Manufactured Homes Act and the Retirement Villages Act.

Dispute Resolution as a Member of a Group
The Queensland Retirement Village and Park Advice Service can assist groups of residents or home owners undertaking dispute resolution under the Manufactured Homes Act and the Retirement Villages Act.

Negotiating a Rent Reduction