Last updated 25 August 2016

Visitors and temporary residents wishing to change status to another temporary or permanent visa must meet the criteria of that visa set out in sch 2 of the Migration Regulations 1994 (Cth) (Migration Regulations) as well as other applicable criteria. All people who migrate to Australia must, before their entry is approved, pass a full medical examination, and a police and security check. In some circumstances, these requirements may be waived.

Permanent residence is difficult to apply for once a person’s temporary visa has expired. Applicants who are in this position (i.e. unlawful non-citizens) should get migration or legal advice about their situation.

The Migration Regulations provide many types of permanent entry visas, which can be divided into four major groups:

  • Family Migration visa
  • Skilled Migration visa
  • Employer Sponsored and Business visa (not covered in this resource)
  • Humanitarian and Refugee visa.